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The biopharmaceutical industry has experienced unprecedented advances over the past decade. Why? Beyond the science, novel service models have facilitated more efficient and cost-effective drug development, with the advent of outsourcing as a key strategy—which continues to proliferate. Record investment in drug development companies and a desire to access best-in-class talent and technology continues to fuel this growth and drive its own brand of innovation—from cutting-edge capabilities and tools to tech-enabled services and eClinical companies. Together, these changes allow today’s biotech and pharmaceutical companies to better optimize drug discovery, clinical results, and market success, evidenced through the discovery of new therapies, accelerated time to market, improved patient outcomes, and, ultimately, increased return on capital and equity appreciation. At Edgemont, we help pharmaceutical services companies expand even further on their success. We’ve been a leading advisor to these businesses since the industry’s early days. And with unsurpassed expertise across the full spectrum of service, software, and technology companies, we can help secure better transaction outcomes for our clients—so they can continue to develop life-changing therapeutics.

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