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Edgemont Partners is a premier healthcare investment bank that provides merger and acquisition advisory and growth capital raising services exclusively for healthcare companies. Since day one, we’ve focused solely on providing expert strategic advice and transaction execution, bringing a steadfast commitment to our clients, driven always by what’s in their best interest. This dedication enables us to deliver independent conflict-free advice, to serve as trusted advisors to healthcare entrepreneurs, management teams and investors, and to ensure exceptional results.

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Our Sectors

Healthcare is rapidly evolving, heavily regulated, and can be inordinately complex. Our dedicated industry focus and years of experience allow us to navigate key issues and considerations critical to our clients’ success as they build and seek the optimal strategic direction for innovative, technologically-advanced, and industry-leading companies that improve quality, reduce costs, and expand access to care for all patients.

At Edgemont, we are passionate about the positive impact we can make by supporting these companies because health and well-being is essential to quality of life and touches us all. This is why our approach, like a skilled physician, is holistic. We delve into trends, innovations, and market dynamics across a broad range of sectors—healthcare, physician, and pharmaceutical services, pharmacy supply chain, and healthcare IT—and how technology is increasingly utilized across these sectors. This comprehensive perspective powers our recognized ability to bring healthcare insights and transactions into focus.

Explore the interactive diagram below to learn more about key trends across the different healthcare sectors we serve.Click below to learn more about key trends across the different healthcare sectors we serve.

Key Macro Trends

  • Profound Scientific Innovation
  • Rise of Advanced Therapies and Personalized Medicine
  • Importance of Value Demonstration and Communication
  • Increasing Use of Real-World Evidence
  • Research as a Care Option
  • Proliferation of AI, Software, and Technology Solutions

Key Macro Trends

  • Increasing Chronic Disease Incidence
  • Site of Care Shifts
  • Development of Alternate Distribution Channels
  • Personalized Medicine Implementation
  • Innovative Patient-Centric Approaches
  • Access to Rare and Orphan Treatments

Key Macro Trends

  • Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgeries (MIS)
  • Industry Consolidation
  • Remote Patient Monitoring and Connected Devices
  • Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity
  • Outsourced Manufacturing and Services for OEMs

Key Macro Trends

  • Aging Population
  • Vertical and Horizontal Consolidation
  • Shift to Lower Acuity, Lower Cost Site of Care
  • Value-Based Care
  • Care Supply / Demand Imbalance

Key Macro Trends

  • Vertical and Horizontal Consolidation
  • Self-insured Employers Seeking Solutions to Manage Cost
  • Data Mining, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Value-Based Care

Key Macro Trends

  • Advanced Dx & Precision Vet Medicine
  • Compounding and Generics
  • Livestock Genetics & Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • Human Health Discoveries in Vet Medicine

Key Macro Trends

  • Aging Population
  • Shift to Lower Acuity, Lower Cost Site of Care
  • Significant Consolidation Driven by PE and Strategics
  • Undeniable Caregivers Supply / Demand Imbalance
  • Healthcare Consumerism / Disruption to Traditional Distribution Channel

Key Macro Trends

  • Rise of Employer-Sponsored Plans
  • Proliferation of Unbundled Solutions
  • Specialty Care Navigation
  • Increasing Transparency and Plan Oversight
  • Focus on Clinical and Administrative Cost Containment

Key Macro Trends

  • Increasing Advocacy and Funding
  • Care Supply / Demand Imbalance
  • High Fragmentation
  • Data for Outcomes Tracking & Value-Based Care
  • Integration with Physical Health

Key Macro Trends

  • Precision Medicine
  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • CRISPR & Gene Editing
  • Liquid Biopsy vs. Digital Pathology
  • Automation and Robotics in Laboratories
  • Registration of LDTs & State Biomarker Bills

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