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Healthcare is experiencing fundamental change in the form of evolving delivery and reimbursement models. The lines between payors, facilities, providers, pharmacies, and distributors are blurring, as value-based care models are implemented, facilitated by technology. Today, the healthcare services sector is under unrelenting cost pressures, while dealing with provider shortages, an aging population, and disjointed care—just to name a few. At Edgemont, we advise market-leading companies who are striving to conquer these issues every day. Our clients are dedicated to improving quality, reducing costs, and expanding access to care. And they partner with us because of our industry knowledge and experience advising healthcare companies exclusively. This enables us to deliver deeper insights and long-term perspectives—ultimately leading to better transaction outcomes for our clients.

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Case Study

Practice Support Resources acquired by Intermedix

To secure a premium valuation for Practice Support Resources (PSR)—a management services company for emergency medicine physician practices—that wanted to close quickly to take advantage of a tax rate timing opportunity.
From finance and accounting to billing and collection, PSR’s exceptional management services for 56 large physician practices generated strong financial performance and established a unique market position. We strategically elevated this in the marketing process to drive competition and achieve a valuation above the expected range. But value wasn’t the only factor at play in this sale. To take advantage of favorable tax rates, PSR’s owners needed to close within seven months. Knowing time was of the essence, we advised PSR to bring in a larger number of bidders than usual for the second round of the process to increase certainty of close on an expedited timeline.
After rapidly assembling marketing materials, we reached out to a wide range of companies and targeted a broad, high-quality group for management meetings during PSR’s second round. This decision kept the process most competitive and produced a larger pool of buyers—providing PSR with the best shot to close at a high value on their accelerated timeline.
After receiving initial bids in late summer, PSR secured a pre-emptive offer in the fall from Intermedix, a strategic partner who was able to close quickly. Intermedix’s focus on emergency medicine billing and emergency response systems aligned with PSR’s work—and their offer also aligned with our initial valuation for PSR. Together, these factors made Intermedix the clear-cut choice for PSR.
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