5 Key Takeaways from Farragut Square Group’s Ophthalmology Outlook Webinar + Webinar Replay


Edgemont Partners’ Brett Skolnik had the distinct pleasure of participating in Farragut Square Group’s insightful webinar on the Outlook for Ophthalmology, moderated by Jackie Williams. He joined an esteemed panel of experts, including PRISM Vision Group’s Dr. Steve Madreperla, US Eye’s Justin Santa Cruz and Farragut Square Group’s Rita Ratner and Holly Stokes who shared their extensive knowledge and predictions for the future of the industry. The webinar delved into various aspects of Ophthalmology, from technology advancements to the current reimbursement and operating environment to trends and expectations for investors in the sector.

Some of the key takeaways include:

1. Private equity appetite for eye care practices remains robust, but investors are increasingly emphasizing clinical reputation and quality, physician leadership, geographic density, and ability to drive organic growth. I.e. financial sponsors have become more discerning.

2. Physician satisfaction and alignment with investors are essential to the long-term success of PE-backed platforms with provider retention and recruitment continuing to be key success components for eye care companies.

3. As a more challenging operating and financing environment makes growth via add-on M&A more difficult (higher costs, less debt capacity and higher interest rates), eyecare platforms are thinking more creatively. Today’s growth playbook includes everything from virtual scribes to boost physician productivity to unique benefits that promote retention.

4. Technology advancements, such as light-adjustable lenses, are opening new markets and expanding treatment options for patients who were previously not good candidates for certain procedures.

5. Reimbursement is expected to be relatively flat within the Ophthalmology sector in the near term, however, several potential changes are being monitored. These could have both positive or negative impacts, depending on the group and to the extent implemented.

At Edgemont, we are committed to supporting the growth and development of this vital industry. For access to the exclusive Outlook for Ophthalmology webinar see here: