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Physicians remain at the center of patient care and are pivotal to improving healthcare as a whole. Working at the nexus of insurers, healthcare organizations, and patients, doctors have unique insights into all aspects of the system. And many physician groups—including those in anesthesia, dermatology, radiology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, women’s health, urology, mental health, and orthopedics, among others—pursue financial partnerships to access the resources they need to continue developing their expertise as leaders in their specialty and to respond to changing market dynamics. At Edgemont, we help these practices secure strong outcomes so they are ideally positioned to face the future of practicing medicine and positively impact how the best patient care is delivered.

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Co-Founder and Managing Director

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Managing Director

Case Study

Florida Emergency Physicians acquired by TeamHealth

To help Florida Emergency Physicians (FEP)—an emergency medicine staffing provider with 150 physicians and 100 advanced practice physicians, who cared for more than 600,000 patients each year—secure the best terms in their sale to a physician services consolidator.
FEP was searching for potential buyers that could offer expanded resources to support their company. And to facilitate the process, they needed an expert financial advisor. With deep experience in the emergency medicine business, we had a unique understanding of what strategic consolidators were looking for—and went to market knowing how to maximize FEP’s strengths. By highlighting their assets, we were able to create a very competitive auction process.
We helped FEP put their best foot forward—spotlighting the factors that would catch the interest of buyers and extract maximum value for shareholders.
Florida Emergency Physicians was ultimately purchased by TeamHealth. As one of the largest integrated care providers in the country, FEP was well-supported to continue its growth trajectory.
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