Pharmaceutical Commercialization Services: Market Dynamics

There is strong demand for pharmaceutical commercialization services, especially given the heightened importance of value demonstration and communication for the commercial success of approved therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics, coupled with continued outsourcing by life science sponsors of historically core functions, and a marked uptick in FDA approvals of novel therapeutics, including NMEs, BLAs, mAbs, and cell and gene therapies, over the past few years. In addition, more than 65% of the innovation in the industry is occurring outside of the four walls of big pharma, with more mid-sized, small, and emerging biopharmaceutical companies working to commercialize novel products, for which a greater degree of outsourced support is typically required. There is compelling rationale to outsource to dedicated high-quality commercialization services players due to the following elements:

  • Criticality of demonstrating proven and differentiated clinical and economic value versus the standard of care, particularly given heightened branded, generic, and biosimilar competition within given indications;
  • Need for specialized commercialization expertise and capabilities, as well as data-driven insights and analytics;
  • Importance of careful launch planning, thoughtful content development, adept KOL cultivation, and strategic market access across multiple regions globally;
  • Greater payor and regulatory pressures around pricing and reimbursement;
  • Fast-evolving omni-channel marketing strategies to engage healthcare practitioners and patients in a fully compliant manner; and
  • Necessity to achieve early success at launch to demonstrate and drive ROI.

Read more about our key perspectives on the market dynamics, growth drivers, and valuation considerations, including recent precedent M&A transactions, as well as selected Edgemont case studies.

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