Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs about Edgemont Services

We understand you may have questions you would like to have answered before you get in touch with our team here at Edgemont. Below you’ll find some of the FAQs our clients often have in the initial stages of our discussions. Please take a moment to read through the questions and answers. If you still have questions, you are welcome to contact us directly at (212) 867-8935 or use our online contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Who will be working on my deal?

We are highly experienced healthcare M&A experts. Among the distinguishing features of our approach is that your transaction will be led every step of the way by one or more of our expert senior partners. To provide additional support throughout the transaction the senior partners will be supported by at least two highly experienced M&A bankers.

Does Edgemont have access to potential buyers and/or transaction partners? Wouldn’t a larger firm have a greater reach potential for us to tap into?

With a collective 60+ years of experience in healthcare-specific investment banking among us, our three senior partners are extremely well connected. Together, we have built an extensive industry relationship network. In addition to our personal rolodexes, we maintain a comprehensive database of strategic buyers and private equity firms who are active or interested in entering a given vertical within healthcare. Given our high visibility and strong reputation within our focus areas, we’re widely recognized within the industry as leading advisors and a source of high-quality acquisition candidates and compelling transaction opportunities. In short, we have the highest level C-suite access and knowledge of how to best engage almost every potential transaction partner as well or better than any M&A advisory firm.

How do I know that I’ll receive a high level of attention? Do you have the time and the capacity to execute my assignment with great focus and care?

We have the resources that allow us to dedicate the time and the attention you need. We make it our goal to ensure all customers receive a high level of service that makes them feel as if they are our one and only client. As a prospective client of Edgemont, we would like to encourage you to contact our past client references. By doing so you’ll be able to get a sense of our commitment, quality and our availability.

We fully understand the importance of each transaction for all of our clients and we are committed to exceeding expectations, conducting ourselves with the highest of professionalism, ethics and exacting standards. We are highly selective in the engagements we take on, and it is of paramount importance that we have the highest confidence that we’ll be successful on our client’s behalf each time we take on a new mandate. Our fee structure is heavily dependent on the success of the transaction, therefore it’s not in our interests for us to take on any new assignments we’re not confident of completing. Take this as a sign of our commitment to you; we put all our time and money where our mouth is.

What are your fees?

We typically structure our fees as a percentage of the transaction value. Initially our clients are charged an upfront retainer, usually 5-10% of the overall fee opportunity. The remainder is a success fee, fully based on the success of the transaction. Our clients clear the success fee at the closing of the final transaction, which is typically a percentage of the value that our client receives in the transaction.