Developing Confidence in your M&A Advisor


There are a few areas where our clients show concern initially. We would like to take a moment to approach these concerns and doubts head on, to ensure you feel 100% confident that working with us is the right decision.

Your Transaction is the Best Hands

The “brand” name of the firm handling your transaction is far less important than the team working on your behalf. Among Edgemont’s strengths are the experience and expertise of its senior bankers and the quality of its team. Unlike most larger firms, we do not yield the responsibility of executing transactions to junior staff. All of our transactions are led by one of our most senior partners, supported by our highly experienced M&A team. We bring over 60 years of combined experience and a track record of more than 100 closed transactions, which allows us to dedicate our teams to providing expert merger and acquisition transaction execution. Our deal team behind is the powerhouse force you need to ensure success. Depend on your team, not simply your advisor’s brand name.

Firm Size Doesn’t Matter in M&A

If you have concerns regarding the size of Edgemont we would like to remind you and all our potential clients that the size of the firm handling your deal is irrelevant. Even at the largest firms, individual transactions typically are handled by a small team no larger than the Edgemont transaction team, and often with less experienced lead bankers. Edgemont’s team is dedicated and committed to working to achieve the most successful results on your behalf. And, we put our money where our mouth is, our fee structures are highly weighted on success. Given our experience and longstanding healthcare focus, we have the same and often superior senior level access to prospective acquirers and sellers. In short, we can do all the things a larger firm can do, and better.

Expert Services

Edgemont is a highly focused specialty “boutique” firm, a model we believe is best suited to helping our client achieve the optimal results. Unlike many larger firms, all of our clients receive the utmost personal attention and focus from our most senior and experienced partners, who will be leading your transaction. We do not push your deal on to lesser qualified individuals or pass the job down to junior staff. Our size allows us to provide each of our clients with teams made up of only the highly experienced partners and healthcare M&A bankers. As our client, you can expect the highest level of commitment and professionalism and we always work with set goals in mind:

  • Exceeding the expectations of each of our clients
  • Providing each client with a dedicated service, making everyone feel as if they are our one and only client
  • The successful completion of your transaction