Walter Pita

Accounting Manager

Professional Experience

I’ve been working in the accounting field my entire career dating back to 1995. I took my first full-fledged accounting position at Reliance Development Group, Inc. in 1997. My experiences range from all day-to-day accounting functions to more complex practices such as portfolio consolidation and financial statement presentation.


I have worked independently since 2007. Doing so has allowed me to gain a great amount of experience in being able to accommodate many different fields of business. This—along with learning to deal with the very different personality types that come with each company/industry’s office culture, whether it’s a small graphics design firm or a more structured corporate environment—has allowed me to work seamlessly in just about any environment.

Outside of Work

I love spending time in the gym and continue to try and stay in shape—if not for any other reason than to try and keep up with my now teenage kids.

I am also a big-time movie buff. I’m always that annoying guy that my friends and family go to when they want to remember who was in what or what was the name of the movie that had this or that in it. It’s always been a passion of mine, as some of my fondest memories as a child come from my father sitting me down to watch movies with him and discussing them afterwards. Something I now gladly practice with my own children.