State of the Ambulatory Infusion Services Market


Ambulatory infusion centers (“AICs”) occupy a unique space within the outsourced infusion market and have grown in response to the need for 3rd party administration of specialty infusion therapies that are outside of the costly hospital setting. There is a growing need for infusion capacity in the marketplace as epidemiological trends and a dramatic increase in drugs requiring infusion are coinciding with insufficient capacity to deliver infusion treatments. The AIC model provides a strong value proposition to key stakeholders in infusion services and is expected to be the fastest growing segment of the infusion services industry.

In this brief, we discuss several salient aspects of the AIC industry, including:

  • Overview of Edgemont’s experience in infusion services
  • Highly attractive value proposition of AICs
  • Site-of-care shift towards alternate-site settings
  • AIC market size and demand drivers
  • Overview of infusion services M&A activity

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