5 Takeaways from Becker’s 2018 HCIT & RCM Conference


It was a very productive Becker’s HCIT / RCM conference this year. As the market evolves, it’s very clear that RCM continues to be a strategic area of focus for providers, payors, vendors and investors across the ecosystem.

Below are some of our perspectives from the conference:

  • Patient experience has been identified as a critical component of optimizing recoveries as analytics is identifying the best timing to approach patients (pre- and post-treatment), identifying propensity to pay, and pursuing the most effective communication channel (mobile, voice or phone).
  • The convergence of clinical and financial activities is accelerating as payments become aligned with the “Triple Aim”. However, this is making claims review more complex and fragmented.
  • Prior authorization remains a pain point to be disrupted; new technologies and providers are emerging. It’s exciting to see these platforms evolve to address a real big market opportunity.
  • AI / Machine Learning / Automation were key buzzwords, as improving the manual processes and driving more workflow, efficiency continues to be the underlying top priority for all stakeholders.
  • Interesting that blockchain technology generated very little buzz at the conference, albeit the subject continues to be a hot topic in the general media and across other industries.

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