New Jersey Urology / Urology Management Associates Announce Partnership With Premier Urology Group

Bloomfield, NJ: New Jersey Urology (“NJU”), the leading urology service provider in New Jersey, and Urology Management Associates (“UMA”) are pleased to announce a partnership with Premier Urology Group LLC (“Premier”), effective September 13, 2019.

The partnership creates one of the largest urology groups in the United States, with 124providers in52locations, including five cancer treatment centers. Combined, the organizations will have more robust resources for patients and employees alike and be able to better serve patients in northern and central New Jersey.

“We are very excited to welcome them as partners,” Scott Ciccarelli, Chief Executive Officer at UMA, said. “Their innovative practices and prime location strengthen NJU’s ability to provide high-quality care offerings to all patients across New Jersey.” Premier physician Dr. Benjamin Fand said, “We have been committed to providing cutting-edge, compassionate urologic care for more than 55 years. Partnering with the NJU platform is an exciting opportunity for us to leverage their extensive resources and expand our range of clinical services.”

Premier physician Dr. Kenneth Ring added, “The integration of our practice with NJU will allow our patients access to the latest technological breakthroughs in the fields of urological oncology, stone disease, enlarged prostate (BPH), voiding dysfunction and incontinence in women and men, and pediatric urology. We are thrilled to join the team and look forward to continuing to provide best-in-class care to our growing patient base.”

NJU welcomes the Premier physicians: Andrew Bernstein, MD; Benjamin Fand, MD, FACS; Joshua Fiske, MD; Michael Lasser, MD; Bernard Lehrhoff, MD; Alon Mass, MD; Mark Miller, MD; Zein Nakhoda, MD; Rupa Patel, MD; Kenneth Ring, MD; Malcom Schwartz, MD; Neil Sherman, MD; William Terens, MD; and Joshua Wein, MD, FACS. Premier physicians will continue to provide care in their existing offices serving Union, Essex, Hudson, Cranford, Edison and Old Bridge communities.